Bat Control

Though bats have long been known for their beneficial insect diet, they become a nuisance when they invade homes. Bats have been known to create their nests in attics, soffits, fascia board gaps, vents, and uncapped chimney flues.

Bat exclusion is currently the recommended solution for eradicating most bat problems. The first step in this process is determining the bat’s entry and exit points and the estimated size of the population. Once this is determined, we install one-way bat doors or implement netting tactics so that re-entry is not possible and they are forced to find alternative nesting locations. The final step after all the bats have vacated the structure is to permanently repair the pathways to eliminate the chance of future entry.

The best time to perform the exclusionary work is before May 15th or after August 15th. In between this time, the bats will have mated and had their young. The young will be unable to fly and will be trapped inside and eventually die if any repair work is performed. In turn, this will cause further insect and odor problems.

Bats have been implicated in a number of human diseases. Although rabies receives the greatest attention, others like histoplasmosis is prominent as well. Histoplasmosis, a fungal disease often fatal to humans, can be a significant health hazard to those that deal with the removal of bats and bat guano (feces). If a bat problem has occurred at your location, call an Apex professional today!

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