Pest Control for Ants & More – Clarifying Common Misconceptions

Being pest-free requires specific steps, but there's a lot of common "wisdom" that is flat-out wrong. If you're trying to figure out DIY pest control solutions for ants, mice, or termites, there are things you need to know to get the job done right. And remember, always contact an ant and pest control professional if [...]

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Bed Bugs infestations Must be Taken Seriously

If you're on the fence about getting a bed bug exterminator after you've woken up with one or two bites, don't be. If you're getting bitten, there might be a large population of insects on the horizon. So, here are four reasons you need to pay careful attention to bed bug issues: Why You Need [...]

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Why You Need Pest Control to Remove a Wasp Nest

Dealing with wasp nests near your home is a common experience for many people. Understanding how to safely remove these nests is essential to avoid getting stung by angry wasps. While you can remove a nest on your own, the best option is to always reach out to professionals specializing in wasp nest removal services. [...]

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Four Tips on How to Stop Attracting Ants to Your Home

Ant infestations in a home are an all-too-common problem for many people. Trying to get rid of ants by yourself is often a difficult and time-consuming experience. Reaching out to an ant exterminator can help you get this problem under control before it gets even worse over time. Keeping a few things in mind can [...]

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How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

Finding bed bugs in your home is always a stressful experience. These bed bugs can infest your home in numerous ways, as they can easily attach to your clothes or luggage if you stay in a motel or other home with a bed bug infestation. Trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own [...]

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Keeping Your Home Safe From Pests

Ohio pest control services are always available if you need to clear an infestation out of your home...  but this is a case where prevention is definitely the best medicine.  There are a lot of things you can do to discourage insects, rodents, and other pests from making their way into your house.  If you can keep [...]

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Preparing for Overwintering Pests

Fall is coming! Along with Fall come some common pests that want to overwinter in your home. Most insects and bugs do what’s called overwintering.  This doesn’t mean an infestation, although in some areas numbers can be significant. As Fall approaches, homeowners start to see them on the outsides of the home looking to exploit [...]

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Decline in bats means more insects in northeast Ohio this year

Read NewsNet5's article for more information. Learn More

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