Pest Specific Removal

Apex Pest Control operates with a simple mission: quote first, inspect and eradicate. However, not all pests can be quoted before a pest control professional from the Apex team has visited your location. Some pests like termites or bed bugs can only be estimated after a professional has visited. A statement will be given after he or she has surveyed the extent of the infestation.

Pest Control Services

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What can Apex do for me?

An Apex representative will spend time interviewing the homeowner and inspecting the structure, assessing if and what treatment options are available. Apex can provide a one time-application or a preventative maintenance plan.

One-Time Treatment

During the detailed inspection, time is spent determining the most effective application. A targeted application of product is made to rid your home or surroundings of these unwanted guests. After our professionals are finished, the treatment spot is guaranteed for the remainder of the season.


Pest-Prevention Plan

Quarterly inspections and treatments are performed to keep your home pest free year round. For your convenience free service calls are provided whenever a pest outbreak occurs. Since a variety of general insect problems are covered with this plan, it is a cost effective way to maintain the integrity of your home and the recommended treatment of Apex.


Apex will come back to treat the site again for free, if the first application was not effective.

That’s our “Pest-Free” guarantee! However, we almost always get the job done the first time.