Stinging Insect Control

Ohio has its fair share of stinging insects including carpenter bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. These pests can be annoying, preventing you from enjoying the outside during the warmer months. They can also be quite troublesome if you are allergic to them as well.

Apex has developed a premium service for superior bee control so that you can take over your outdoor living space. This service provides precise placement of control products to various cracks and nesting sights on the exterior of the home. This service starts when the weather breaks in the Spring and can be performed during any of the warm months. This will prevent stinging insects from nesting in the first place or eliminate ones already present.

The warranty on this premium service extends from the time the treatment is performed to the first frost at the beginning of the winter season. Apex will return free of charge to correct any problems during this period, if they should arise.

Enjoy your outside by allowing us to perform this service today!

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